6 Homemade Natural Lipstick Recipe for Those Who Want to Color Their Lips with The Most Natural Ingredients

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6 Homemade Natural Lipstick Recipe

6 Homemade Natural Lipstick Recipe for Those Who Want to Color Their Lips with The Most Natural Ingredients

Without thinking about summer or winter we can say that all weather conditions affect our lips quickly, and every drink we have affects our lips at least as much as the weather conditions in all the weather conditions… Sometimes we worry about cracking, sometimes we want our lips to look fuller …

Well, do you really think we can take care of them the way they deserve?

You use lipsticks that contain a thousand kinds of chemicals, and when you want to moisturize, you put the first moisturizer in your hand. But you make a big mistake. In fact, our efforts to make our meals more natural should be shown to the skin care products we use.

When possible, we should use masks prepared with natural materials and apply natural lip balms to our lips, for example. You can say “How to make lipstick at home?” If you say so, we want to say that we have delicious recipes for you.

At home, you can make natural and herbal lipsticks, learn everything you need to know about lipstick making and get the healthy lips you dream of thanks to these lipstick recipes.

And we’re sure it will be a lot easier than you think.

Let’s start with the easiest: practical natural lipstick making

6 Homemade Lipstick Recipe (2)
6 Homemade Lipstick Recipe (2)

There are many different recipes you can use to make lipstick. But if you’re scared, it’s best to start with the easiest if you think it will be hard to make lipstick at home.


• 1 medium red radish

• 3 tablespoons coconut oil

• 1 tablespoon of honey (make sure it is real honey)

How can you do it?

Wash the red radishes well and peel and grate to make the water come out. When you grate washed radish, you need to squeeze it with a clean cheesecloth into a separate container. Add the coconut oil and honey and mix well. Transfer this mixture to a clean container and leave it in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes and then use it as you wish. That’s it!

The color of this homemade lipstick you prepare will be dark pink. “How long can I use it safely?” If you say that, you can use your lipstick with peace of mind for 1 month in the refrigerator or at least room temperature, in a moisture-free environment. If you think that you can’t finish this lipstick in 1 month, you can prepare a smaller amount of lipstick by reducing the materials in the same proportions. It will be safer that way because it is prepared with natural products,

The most colorful remedy for cracking lips: natural lipstick making with beet

6 Homemade Lipstick Recipe (3)
6 Homemade Lipstick Recipe (3)

If you have constantly dry lips cracking, thanks to the olive oil you can moisturize your lips while beet colors your lips with a natural lipstick recipe.


• 1 medium beet

• 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

• 3 tablespoons olive oil

• 1,5-2 tablespoons of honey

How can you do it?

Clean the beet, peel and grate and let it water. Pass the grated beets through a clean cheesecloth and remove the juice and pulp to separate places. Take the juice and add all the other ingredients and mix. When the mixture has a homogeneous consistency, transfer to a small, clean container with lid and allow to stand in the refrigerator. Your ready-to-use moisturizing colored lipstick is ready at any time. You can use it by storing in refrigerator for 1 month.

Beet root powder at work: making herbal and natural lipstick

6 Homemade Lipstick Recipe (4)
6 Homemade Lipstick Recipe (4)

If you want to make a darker, more vibrant and lasting lipstick than the lipstick you will prepare using beet juice, please do so. Beet root powder, which you can find at herbalists or reliable online shopping sites, will make you even more happy than you think. Moreover, it is very practical to prepare this lipstick!


• 1 tablespoon of wax

• 1 tablespoon of shea-butter

• Half a teaspoon of red beet root powder

• 2 tablespoons of olive oil

How can you do it?

Take the beeswax into a glass bowl and melt in double boiler. After melting, add all the other oils and beet powder and mix well. When the mixture has a homogeneous consistency, transfer to a small, lidded container and allow to stand at room temperature and then in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. Your homemade natural lipstick is ready.

If you want different, more vibrant colors: you can use lipstick making with food coloring

6 Homemade Lipstick Recipe (5)
6 Homemade Lipstick Recipe (5)

Of course, using food coloring does not resemble using natural products such as radishes or beets, and therefore is not suitable for home-made lipstick recipes. But if you are still wondering and you want your lipstick to look completely different colors and vivacious, you can read this.


• 1 tablespoon of Vaseline

• A small piece of wax (about 1 teaspoon)

• 1 teaspoon of glycerin

• 1 teaspoon of vanilla

• 1 teaspoon of food color (powder or liquid) of your choice

How can I do it?

Transfer the wax to a glass bowl, place the cassette on a bowl of boiling water so that it does not touch the water, melt the bain-marie wax and add the Vaseline and continue melting. Then add all other ingredients to the mixture and mix well using a wooden stick.

When you are sure that all the ingredients are mixed, transfer the mixture to a clean container, cool to room temperature and cool in the refrigerator. Start using the lipstick you have left in the fridge for at least half an hour.

If you want to have full lips: Ginger or mint oil

6 Homemade Lipstick Recipe (6)
6 Homemade Lipstick Recipe (6)

If you want these practical lipstick recipes at home to make your lips look fuller, you can add a teaspoon of ginger or mint oil to all the recipes described above. In this way, your homemade lipstick will not only color your lips from the most natural, but also give fullness.

But let’s be warned from the beginning, ginger or mint oil can create a slight burning sensation in your lips. If you have an allergic body or if you are allergic to any of these oils, you should not include them in your lipsticks.

What to watch out for: Tips for making lipstick at home

6 Homemade Lipstick Recipe
6 Homemade Lipstick Recipe

We told you almost everything you need to know about lipstick making, and we gave you lipstick recipes one by one. However, we also want to talk about what you need to pay attention to during the making of lipstick at home, we wanted not to mention the tricks of lipstick making.

When applying any of these recipes, the most important issue you should pay attention to is that you follow the measurements given in the recipes. Otherwise your lipstick will not hold either its consistency or its color or smell. Therefore, it is important that you use each material exactly at the specified dimensions.

In the same way, you should take care that the container you will keep your lipstick is clean, you should sterilize the container nicely before transferring it into the lipstick, after putting the lipstick in it, you should not be exposed to excessive heat or cold, not to be exposed to extreme temperatures, to say from us.

Finally, there is another method that we do not mention in the recipes of making lipstick at home: it is making lipstick with crayon. This small lipstick, which is obtained by melting 1 small pastel paint in double boiler and adding 1 tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil, is not natural as you might expect. Many people who apply this method, specially prepared for children and said that they do not contain chemical substances using pastel paints, so they say that they are not harmful, but still stay away from this method as possible, instead of pastel paints radish, beet and get support from natural oils as we say.

An important note: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in your lipstick recipes, or if your body is generally allergic, do not apply these homemade lipstick recipes without consulting your doctor and do not jeopardize your health.

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