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10 Nail Art Idea That Can Be Made At Home

10 Nail Art Idea That Can Be Made At Home

1. Ombre Nails Ombre hair, ombre lips and now ombre nails are popular … This nail art technique from light to dark is quite easy to do. First you get two different shades of the...
What is Acrylic Nail?

What is Acrylic Nail?

Every day, the methods developed by people to improve and care themselves are rapidly increasing. One of them is acrylic nail fashion, which has been on the agenda of recent times. So, what is...
What is gel nail

What is gel nail?

In recent years, prosthetic nails are quite popular. Both creating an aesthetic image and not easily spoiling are just a few of the reasons women prefer prosthetic nails. Gel nails can be a savior...
Manicure time Special purple nails for spring!

Manicure time: Special purple nails for spring!

With the approach of spring season, pastel colors began to come to the fore. Pink, blue, lilac … What about our rebellious side? This spring, why don’t you try a dark purple nail polish...

7 Errors During Manicure

Do you think “It’s my job to make a manicure at home!” and “you’ve mastered it well?” Don’t cut your nail skin, you may be damaging your nails by making lots of wrong nail...